Ordering Over the Internet

Ordering Online

Reassurance. Sometimes that’s all that a potential customer wants. They might have seen something they want to buy on the internet but they just want to talk it over with somebody first. Or they might already have placed an order but they want to know when it will arrive.

The personal touch maybe all that’s needed to succeed in today’s faceless world of global 24/7 online trade. To the consumer, everybody can seem the same and the unique selling point has been lost amongst a world of choice. After all, anybody can set up a website selling tools, or kitchen appliances, or racing car memorabilia, or anything else.
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Business Continuity


Fog, flood, gales, and snow. The British weather can never fail to surprise us with its sheer variety and unpredictability.

One month we can have drought and the next month it could be floods. With the strongest El Niňo event for 144 years and forecasts predicting three months of storms followed by freezing temperatures it seems we will be having another turbulent winter. If snow does fall it usually only takes an inch of the stuff for the whole country to grind to a halt. While to some snow sparks feelings of joy and guilt-free days of winter fun, to most UK business owners it’s a stark reminder of the commercial impact the elements can have.
If you or your staff can’t make it into the office, who’s providing the public face of your company to potential new clients, or taking care of your loyal and equally important existing customers?
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