Sickness absence Line – Make your ‘Absence Management’ more organised



Absence management is a very complex matter for businesses owners and professionals working in the HR department and it has a lot of hidden financial costs associated with it. Increased workload for existing staff, ill health retirements, decreased productivity; all of this affects your business profitability with it’s impact on your company reaching up to 3 times the primary estimation. Having a good solid Absence Management process in your organisation can help reduce Absenteeism and provide true and clear data insights of its impact.

Putting in place a structured outsourced Sickness Absence Line that your employees or contractors contact as their first point of call takes away the emphasis put on managers. In most company’s it’s the manager / line manager’s responsibility to log and pass on details of employee’s absences. Sadly, this is often where the process falls down and it isn’t followed through correctly for one reason or another.

Having a dedicated sickness line ensures that all absences get logged correctly. Once the employee makes the call to inform the company of their work absence, the information gets logged immediately and all the details are passed onto the relevant parties. Having a structured process like this in place allows companies to stream line their employee sickness absence process so that nothing gets missed. It provides the company with a greater insight, pin pointing any patterns in absence. It can also bring precision in measurement, by using a set of predefined categories; which allows the business owners to start targeting absence types and take necessary measures for preventing repetitions. Freeing the line managers from taking sickness calls is one of the major advantages of implementing an outsourced sickness absence line. It takes away the stress and responsibility of having an individual log and report to HR.

So, the most important question is – how determined are you about managing absenteeism in your organisation? If you want to run your business efficiently and increase its productivity, a competent and outsourced Sickness Absence Line is your key to a radical improvement in your employees’ absence levels. Zeb.Pa’s sickness absence line is available 24/7, it’s secure and fast, and is a guaranteed service for reducing sickness absence rates, thus decreasing your costs.

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By Janine Kirkland

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The Importance of a dedicated ‘Event telephone line’

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What makes an event ‘Successful?

Business entrepreneurs and event planners say that an event is successful when it is well organised, it is able to meet its objectives and it creates a huge buzz amongst its target audience.

Organising any size event takes a lot of skill but for large scale events in particular there is more pressure and a higher expectation to pull all the jigsaw pieces together and pull off the perfect event. Lots of things can go wrong while organising a large event but all event planners will tell you the same thing… communication is key. Effective communication goes to great lengths to help run such events more smoothly. This is where a ‘Dedicated events line’ comes in!

These are a few reasons why you should have a dedicated phone number and telephone answering service for your large event.

Firstly, event planners as talented as they are at juggling and wearing lots of hats whilst organising an event. They are not your typical, trained telephone operator that will efficiently answer any event related questions over the phone.

Having just one dedicated person to rely on to take all the calls or answer all the event related questions isn’t a good idea either. Definitely not a good first impression of an event if that person can’t answer the phone because they are away from their desk, tied up on another call off sick, on lunch etc.

So to make things easier and a lot more professional you should have a dedicated phone number and telephone answering service for your event. This way, your event planner will not be swamped by hundreds of phone calls every day and will be able to focus solely on organising and running your event smoothly.

Having a dedicated events line and telephone answering service can also add to your Marketing efforts for the big event. At Zeb.PA our telephone answering staff are trained professionals who can provide a seamless and sleek service by competently answering any event queries and providing event related information over the phone. This will make your large event look even larger and more professional; thereby giving the event a ‘Blowfish Effect’.

In addition, no matter how large your event is going to be you’ll always want to be cost effective; RIGHT? It’s far more expensive to hire a full-time receptionist than to hire a telephone answering service. This can lead to a huge cost saving.

Finally, unlike your usual event planner or a dedicated receptionist whose services are only available during the office hours, a telephone answering service provider can answer all your calls 24/7. So you’ll constantly have someone to deal with the public queries and provide quality client service.


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Written by

Janine Kirkland

14 Tips on What Telephone Answering Service to Use


Given that the vast bulk of the 5 million plus businesses in the UK are “small” ones, http://www.fsb.org.uk/stats , then the number of them who have a use for a telephone answering service is significant. There could be a variety of reasons why they find it beneficial to use an answering service:

  • A roofer might not want to miss new enquiries whilst they’re out on site.
  • A solicitor will not want to be interrupted while they’re preparing a brief or in court.
  • A medical practitioner can’t be disturbed if they’re with a patient.

So if you’ve recognised the need for an answering service then it will be a good idea to think about the following:

  1. What do you need them for?
    Is it simply a case of having someone on hand to answer the phone and take messages, or do you require more complicated work to be carried out? Either way, you need to be certain that your calls will handled with professionalism at all times.
  2. Ask how long they’ve been in business.
    A good reputation takes time to acquire. So does expertise. Startups are simply unlikely to have all the resources to employ the number of staff required to operate a professional service. Those that don’t aren’t going to be around for very long. If they’ve been in business for 10 years or more then they must be keeping their customers happy.
  3. Ask for testimonials.
    These will help you sort the wheat from the chaff. A good answering service will be able to provide plenty of references and testimonials. It may also pay to ask around or do some research online.
  4. Test them out.
    At the very least, a professional telephone answering service will offer a free trial. This will allow you to gauge the quality of the service, and how many calls they might take for you.
  5. What are their response times?
    How long does it take for them to answer the phone? How did they answer the phone when you made your initial enquiry? Were you able to speak to someone about your requirements straightaway, or were they so busy it took some time for them to get back to you?
  6. Ask about accuracy.
    A common issue with call answering services is poor accuracy, with phone numbers being taken down incorrectly, and callers’ names being spelt wrong. Whilst 100 per cent accuracy can never be achieved, the agents should at least be reading back numbers and asking for unusual names to be spelt out. Familiarity with the phonetic alphabet is essential.
  7. Find a local company.
    Having some knowledge of the local area, coupled with agents speaking with the same accent as your callers will help if you want the service to be seamless.
  8. What does their website look like? Are they investing money in their shop front?
    If they’re unable to find the resources to fund an up to date website then they’re unlikely to be running a successful business.
  9. Is their technology state of the art?
    Technology has become crucial for the delivery of an efficient call answering service. Ask the provider what systems they use and how often they update them.
  10. What size are they? Too small or too big?
    A company with thousands of clients will certainly have lost the personal touch, but if they’re small with just one or two staff then their capacity won’t extend beyond handling a couple of dozen clients
  11. Treat them like your own staff.
    Ensure you brief your call answering service thoroughly, giving them as much information as you would provide to your own team.
  12. You’re investing in the future of your business.
    You may think that your calls are better handled in-house by your team, or by yourself. However, you or your team might not always be available, or you could spend your time more productively on the tasks in hand. Compare your missed call rate and potential lost business with the modest spend you’d make on telephone answering.
  13. He who buys on price buys twice.
    Beware of answering services offering out their services too cheaply. This inevitably means they have to compromise on the number of staff they employ and how much they pay them. Poorly paid staff are poorly motivated. This will be reflected in the service they provide.
  14. Is it their core business?
    There are plenty of business centres and other companies who have decided to offer or include telephone answering as a bolt on service. Most of their revenue will be derived from other sources, such as office rental. Consequently, there is no incentive for them to provide an efficient service.

Hiring Now!

Hiring Now!

How many organisations are saying that at the moment? A lot more than before, but what’s stopping even more from doing so?

No organisation takes on staff unless they really need them but if you want to grow your business then sooner or later you’ll have to employ somebody. If you’ve ever read “The E-Myth” by Michael E. Gerber then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t read it then you might find it will change you and your business.

If, on the other hand, you haven’t got any plans to grow your business then think about what your competitors are doing. A business is like a tree in the forest. If you’re not growing then others are, and slowly they will grow around you, taking away your light and nutrients. They may not even allow you to progress beyond the seedling stage.
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