Grow Your Business


Whether you are kick-starting your business or you are already well-established in the market, Zeb PA has the answer to make sure your company keeps growing. After all, what business is not in the market for expansion? By using our telephone answering service you can ensure that you will not miss a call again; enabling business growth daily.

Zeb PA, the answering service and outsourcing company, look after businesses across the spectrum. From roofers to surgeons, with a rate of 98.9% of calls answered. Our client portfolio consists of more than 700 companies with 80% of them made up of small enterprises with only 1-5 staff members.

Dealing with a constant flow of phone-calls can be extremely time consuming for somebody who is trying to generate business in all avenues. Zeb PA can manage this for you with our trained virtual PA’s – we can be the voice of your business. Taking calls as if we are sitting in your reception. From diary management, new enquiries and deterring unwanted sales calls, we can save you precious time in your day to concentrate on the growth of your business, all by answering the phone for you.

With a personalised service for each and every company, we can provide excellent customer care to all your current and potential customers. You may be asking yourself, ‘I already have a receptionist, how could I benefit from this?’ Of course your receptionist is able to handle calls coming in, but there is only so much one person can do. Any calls that would go unanswered due to phone lines being engaged, we can answer for you. What does a customer hate more than trying to speak to somebody and being sent to voicemail, or not being able to get through at all after numerous times? A recent survey, (2015 Aspect Consumer Experience) revealed that 76% of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them. Having a voice at the other end of the phone for each of your customers will show reliability in your company, help you maintain great relationships and keep the level of customer service at the standard you require.

Zeb PA – growing your business with every call that you might otherwise have missed.

Kirsty Summerford – Zeb PA