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“Can I book an endoscopy for you? How about next Wednesday? You’ll need to fast first and take some prep to ensure your system is clear. I’ll arrange to have a pack sent out to you.”

This is just the sort of conversation that our PA’s have with some of our callers who ring in on the lines we answer for Harley Street medical practices. You may not know what an endoscopy is, and if you look it up on Google you probably won’t want to have one. But it’s the type of call that Zeb PA’s have become familiar with over the years. A complete service that can offer a lot more than simply taking messages.

Zeb.PA has been taking calls for Harley Street medical practices since 2005. In some cases a Zeb PA takes all the calls, or  simply acts as an overflow service during lunchtime or after hours. It’s more than straightforward message taking, and our clients have come to rely upon us. So much so, that when the secretary of a gastroenterological surgeon based in Harley Street  went away on holiday recently, he asked for his usual Zeb PA, Hazel, to take her place for two weeks. After all Hazel knew his system, and she wouldn’t need training up like a normal temp.

Hazel happily agreed, despite a longer commute to London, and enjoyed the different working environment of Harley Street. Now she’s back in her normal seat in Harlow, however, and she’s become the real office expert on how to book an endoscopy. But she definitely doesn’t ever want to have one!

Services used:

Clinical Management
Tele Answering
Virtual Numbers

Employing a Zeb PA is just like having another member of staff who just happens to be in this office instead of yours. We take calls for your business in line with your instructions and look after your customers as if they were our own.


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