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When London was first across the finishing line in its bid for staging the 2012 Olympics, the organisers knew there would be more than a few hurdles to leap over before any medals could be awarded. They knew they were facing a sprint rather than a marathon to get the centrepiece of the project, the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, completed on time. However, in a triumphant moment, completion was proudly announced in March 2011.

But it could so easily have been a different story, as witnessed in Athens in 2004. A whole host of problems can confront managers of any project, whether it be large or small. Sickness absence probably being amongst the most common. Absenteeism is often one of the biggest issues any company has to face. Indeed, sickness absence costs the UK economy £17bn a year *. It affects firms of all sizes and, proportionally, the impact can be far greater for smaller firms.

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Zeb.PA can help in two ways:

1. We can answer your phones when your staff are absent, either through sickness, annual leave, or other unplanned events.

2. In combination with occupational health advisers Opus Health Ltd, Zeb.PA have developed a sickness absence reporting system. We have lines dedicated for absence reporting that are staffed out of hours to take calls from absentees who are unable to report for duty, either from sickness or for other reasons. This offers many advantages over an automated system, including:

  • The requirement for the absentee to speak to a live operator reduces absence in itself.
  • Simply leaving a message on voicemail can lead to absences for spurious reasons taking place.
  • Interaction with a live operator is beneficial for both employer and employee.
  • The absentee can be engaged with to establish the reason for absence, with support and advice being offered at an early stage, thus hastening an early return to work.
  • The employer can show that the duty of care is met and sufficient information obtained from the absentee to establish the reason for the absence and a likely return to work date.
  • Absence Management Reports completed as a result of a reported absence can be quickly forwarded to all interested parties so alternative arrangements can be made to cover an employee’s absence.
  • The absentee themselves can be asked to come to the phone, instead of the absence simply be reported by a relative or colleague, who might not leave sufficient information on a voicemail message.
  • Sickness and other forms of unplanned or unforeseen absence can lead to loss of contracts, failure to win new business, and increased stress in the workplace. Zeb.PA can help reduce it.

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