Professional tip for small Businesses!

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Its hard work and a real challenge running your own business.  The market place is full of new start-ups and this is why it’s important from the start that you give your business a chance to keep up with the competition by giving it the right first impression!

So picture this scenario. Your website is your virtual shop that makes your presence known to your customers.  Your potential client has just checked out your website and presuming you have this right, the customer is now looking to invest in your product or service.  The customer has a quick question so searches for the landline number and can only find a mobile.  What does this say to a customer? Red Alert!  Is this a real company? Will it still be existing tomorrow, in a week, next month?

The psychology behind a customer purchase is pure and simple; The customer wants assurance that they are dealing with a professional company.

A local landline number says so much to your potential customers and its importance is often over looked by start-ups and small companies. The truth is this can impact the decision on whether a customer commits to purchase with your business or not.

Whilst you may well be working from home in your PJ’s (let’s be honest as a small business owner who has not done that) having a land line number on your website, business card, flyers, gives customers that instant association that you and your team (even though that team may just be you) are a professional company.  It tells customers you are an established local company and it gives them the reassurance they need to make that purchase.

With Zeb.PA you can choose a local landline number that rings straight through to your mobile or have it diverted to another landline. You are in control of your number so your clients can reach you wherever you are.

At just £5 per month our numbers are an affordable option so all small business owners can give their business ‘the right first impression’. We can even have you set up on the same day.

A local landline number says so much to your customers. It tells them you’re established. It’s reassuring and looks professional. But it’s no good if you’re not there to take their call…

Zeb.PA also offers a professional Telephone answering service for times you aren’t able to get to the phone. Starts at £35 per month (includes free landline).


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Written by Janine Kirkland