Sickness absence Line – Make your ‘Absence Management’ more organised



Absence management is a very complex matter for businesses owners and professionals working in the HR department and it has a lot of hidden financial costs associated with it. Increased workload for existing staff, ill health retirements, decreased productivity; all of this affects your business profitability with it’s impact on your company reaching up to 3 times the primary estimation. Having a good solid Absence Management process in your organisation can help reduce Absenteeism and provide true and clear data insights of its impact.

Putting in place a structured outsourced Sickness Absence Line that your employees or contractors contact as their first point of call takes away the emphasis put on managers. In most company’s it’s the manager / line manager’s responsibility to log and pass on details of employee’s absences. Sadly, this is often where the process falls down and it isn’t followed through correctly for one reason or another.

Having a dedicated sickness line ensures that all absences get logged correctly. Once the employee makes the call to inform the company of their work absence, the information gets logged immediately and all the details are passed onto the relevant parties. Having a structured process like this in place allows companies to stream line their employee sickness absence process so that nothing gets missed. It provides the company with a greater insight, pin pointing any patterns in absence. It can also bring precision in measurement, by using a set of predefined categories; which allows the business owners to start targeting absence types and take necessary measures for preventing repetitions. Freeing the line managers from taking sickness calls is one of the major advantages of implementing an outsourced sickness absence line. It takes away the stress and responsibility of having an individual log and report to HR.

So, the most important question is – how determined are you about managing absenteeism in your organisation? If you want to run your business efficiently and increase its productivity, a competent and outsourced Sickness Absence Line is your key to a radical improvement in your employees’ absence levels. Zeb.Pa’s sickness absence line is available 24/7, it’s secure and fast, and is a guaranteed service for reducing sickness absence rates, thus decreasing your costs.

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By Janine Kirkland