Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs of Apple was, by most accounts, a perfectionist. When Ken Segall, an Apple consultant, failed to notice the keyboard on an iMac used in an advert was a subtly different shade of blue to the rest of computer Steve Jobs went ballistic.

You might wonder then, how Steve Jobs became CEO of a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Think of perfectionists and you might think of accountants, engineers or surveyors. They are all worthy professions but not necessarily suited to taking the helm of a business.

Becoming bogged down in payroll administration, or the details of the company pension scheme, may prove to be a distraction from the bigger picture of growing the business. Unless, of course, your business is accountancy or financial advice, and even then you’ll still need to find clients.

There was more to Steve Jobs than being a perfectionist, of course. Much as we like to pigeonhole people, they are always more complex than we usually perceive them to be. He was also charismatic and persuasive. Furthermore, despite his quest for perfection, he realised quite early in his business career that he couldn’t do everything himself if he wanted to succeed. Steve Jobs employed a team to get work done so he could drive Apple forward. Only by doing so was he able to rescue it from potential bankruptcy.

For most startups and small businesses, however, employing just one person can be far too costly and daunting. But you don’t need to be a billion dollar brain to find a team that will help with some of the tasks required in running a business, like answering the phone, dealing with online enquiries and liaising with customers and suppliers.

There are plenty of firms you can outsource this work to, both in the UK and overseas. You just need to choose the right one.

If it helps you decide, you might like to know that at Zeb.PA, as well as being many other things, we’re perfectionists too.