The Importance of a dedicated ‘Event telephone line’

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What makes an event ‘Successful?

Business entrepreneurs and event planners say that an event is successful when it is well organised, it is able to meet its objectives and it creates a huge buzz amongst its target audience.

Organising any size event takes a lot of skill but for large scale events in particular there is more pressure and a higher expectation to pull all the jigsaw pieces together and pull off the perfect event. Lots of things can go wrong while organising a large event but all event planners will tell you the same thing… communication is key. Effective communication goes to great lengths to help run such events more smoothly. This is where a ‘Dedicated events line’ comes in!

These are a few reasons why you should have a dedicated phone number and telephone answering service for your large event.

Firstly, event planners as talented as they are at juggling and wearing lots of hats whilst organising an event. They are not your typical, trained telephone operator that will efficiently answer any event related questions over the phone.

Having just one dedicated person to rely on to take all the calls or answer all the event related questions isn’t a good idea either. Definitely not a good first impression of an event if that person can’t answer the phone because they are away from their desk, tied up on another call off sick, on lunch etc.

So to make things easier and a lot more professional you should have a dedicated phone number and telephone answering service for your event. This way, your event planner will not be swamped by hundreds of phone calls every day and will be able to focus solely on organising and running your event smoothly.

Having a dedicated events line and telephone answering service can also add to your Marketing efforts for the big event. At Zeb.PA our telephone answering staff are trained professionals who can provide a seamless and sleek service by competently answering any event queries and providing event related information over the phone. This will make your large event look even larger and more professional; thereby giving the event a ‘Blowfish Effect’.

In addition, no matter how large your event is going to be you’ll always want to be cost effective; RIGHT? It’s far more expensive to hire a full-time receptionist than to hire a telephone answering service. This can lead to a huge cost saving.

Finally, unlike your usual event planner or a dedicated receptionist whose services are only available during the office hours, a telephone answering service provider can answer all your calls 24/7. So you’ll constantly have someone to deal with the public queries and provide quality client service.


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Written by

Janine Kirkland